Keeping Your Cabinets Beautiful

Regular Cleaning

Use only a clean, lightly water-dampened cloth to remove dust, dirt, or spills. Keep the cabinets as dry as possible, especially in areas near water, such as the sink and dishwasher. 


Do not use cleaning fluid, polishing oil, lemon oil, or any other type of oil.

Do not use wax- or silicone-based polishes.

Do not use harsh chemicals or bleach. 

Spot Removal

If there is paint or adhesive residue on your cabinets we recommend using Goof Off. To use, apply a small amount and immediately wipe away.

Touch Ups

For solid color we offer spray cans you can purchase and pick up from our office in Vancouver, Washington.

For stains, many wood touch up kits can be found online and in local hardware stores that match our stains and do a good job of covering scratches. For dents and gouges, use wood putty and a stain pen.   


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