Adjusting Cabinets

Trobella Cabinetry adjusts all of the doors and drawer fronts at the time of manufacturing, installation, and often during our final visit. However, as the home settles, doors and drawers may move but they can be easily adjusted by following the instructions below. 

Standard Hinge Adjustment

Soft Close Hinge Adjustment

Drawer Slide Adjustment

Here are a few videos from YouTube that demonstrate how to easily remove, re-insert, and adjust drawer slides:


For removing a drawer with Blum undermount, soft close slides:


For removing a drawer with side mount, ball bearing slides:


 For adjusting Blum undermount, soft close slides:

Knob and Pull Adjustment

Knobs and pulls may become loose from their repeated use. They can be easily tightened with a screw driver applied the screws on the back of the door or drawer front. If a knob or pull needs to be replaced, you can contact us at and we will send you the manufacturer information. 


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